Port Hood Sunset
The beach at Port Hood, at the western end of Cape Breton Island, makes a perfect place to watch the sunset.
Sunset over the Dunes
The autumn evening was getting quite chilly in the biting cold winds, as the sun settled over the dunes
Ingonish Fishing Boats
The boats rest safely in the harbor, as cold autumn winds and heavy waves keep them from their work.
Church Near Baddeck
Just a few feet from the roadway, this picturesque church is highlighted against the ominous clouds.
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse
It is unusual to find this beautiful setting without a crowd of visitors.
Peggy's Cove
The fishing boats and tackle awaits.
Golden Falls
Just outside Baddeck, a stream runs along the trail to Uisge Ban (pronounced Ish-ke-ban) falls. In the filtered light from the heavy tree canopy, the water appears almost golden.
Mary Ann Falls
There are many waterfalls just off the Cabot Trail. Mary Ann Falls requires only a short walk from the parking area.
Uisge Ban Falls (lower)
This dramatic falls is only the lower part of Uisge Ban (pronounced Ish-ke-ban) Falls. However, to reach the upper falls, you must cross the stream, and climb a steep and rather treacherous trail to get to the top of the falls you see above. You are rewarded with a view of the upper falls, which can not be seen from below.
Bald Eagle
The area around Baddeck is said to be home to about 100 nesting pairs, though only a few ventured out in the high winds. 
Soaring over the Lighthouse
A Bald Eagle soars over the lighthouse in Baddeck Harbor.
Calvin Church
Another of the picturesque churches on Cape Breton Island.
Church Near South Harbor
Along the Cabot Trail
Views like this appear every few moments as you drive along the Cabot Trail.
Lightning Got It
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